Still to Come

More than forty individuals wrote about (or claimed to have written about) some aspect of the process of evolution prior to the publication of Charles Darwin's masterpiece On the Origin of Species (1859). Most are long forgotten. As time permits, information about the many advocates of some manner of transformism listed below will be added to the actively maintained list at right.

More Early Evolutionists

Eduard d'Alton
Jean Baptiste Bory de St. Vincent
Heinrich Georg Bronn
Leopold von Buch
Comte de Buffon
Karl Friedrich Burdach
Denis Diderot
Henry Freke
Etienne Geoffroy St. Hilaire
Isidore Geoffroy St. Hilaire
Alexandr Keyserling
Henri Lecoq
Charles Lyell
Benoit de Maillet
Alexander Moritzi
Charles Naudin
Lorenz Oken
Christian Heinrich Pander
Jean Louis Marie Poiret
Constantine Rafinesque
Hermann Schaaffhausen
Franz Unger
Hewett Watson